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e.g. track, electro, ambient, soundtrack, instrumental, positive, sad, relax, expressive, guitar, strings etc.

Rainy Spring 1033

Rainy Spring – a positive, rhythmic and motivating track

Flower Flavor 1014

Flover Flavor - Guitars, Electric Piano, Organ and other... 

El Beatmo De La Playa 1016

El Ritmo De La Playa - a positive dance music with some guitar elements  Youtube-Link to the video here  

Wooden Tango 5/5 1042

A modern melodic track with a guitar solo

Romantic Propaganda 5/5 1038

Romantic Propaganda - a melodic & rhythmic track, maybe a little pensive but still optimistic and positive... Genre: Pop, Dance

Western Hero 1028

A Western Guitar melody...   --- picture by DiMarks

My Lovely Sunshine 5/5 1067