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Sorrow 5/5 1031

Sorrow - a melodic composition with some piano, drums, strings and guitars. One of my personal favourites. I started playing and recording it without any feelings and expectations, but the piano melodies came in one peace, one after another and there was a flow...

If I Just Could 1041

Melodic ballad music, with electric guitars and piano.  

Parents Love 1068

Parents Love - :)

Datadada-The Dancing Cat 5/5 1054

Datadada-The Dancing Cat (instrumental) - funniest melody for all cats videos in the world! Youtube-Video here

Wooden Tango 5/5 1042

A modern melodic track with a guitar solo

Rainy Spring 5/5 1033

Rainy Spring – a positive, rhythmic and motivating track

Since Yesterday 5/5 1034

Aggressive instrumental Drum'N'Base-track